Tricking yourself into sleep

by Tony on Jan 10, 2016


There is a fairly popular quote or saying by Benjamin Franklin which goes, early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. This holds very true for the business world with a huge percentage of CEOs, billionaires, entrepreneurs and even politicians adopting such a routine in their daily grind. Sleep is one of the most important pillars of a healthy and happy lifestyle being it boosts immunity, keeps you young and energetic, relieves stress and re- energizes you in preparation for your daily tasks. Intelligence and sharp memory is also built to some extent with enough rest.

That being said, it is paramount that one cultivates an effective sleeping routine that would give the body the rest it needs. Specialists usually settle for eight hours as the average time one needs to have enough sleep but this may vary depending on the individuals. Some people need more and others need less. Either way, these are the ways you can wire your body to get optimum sleep.

The first thing you need is a formidable and consistent sleeping ritual. This involves a time table like schedule to program the body to specific sleeping and waking up times. This fixed routine will ensure that when the normal sleeping time comes, the body will automatically shift to sleep mode and you’ll have no choice but to go bed. This also works for the wake up time. If the body is wired to be up by six o’clock or five o’clock then you'll automatically wake up at that time and take up your tasks.
Ambience. The atmosphere in the bedroom should be customized to court sleep. A bedroom with excessively loud music would only disturb your peace of mind and keep you awake. So, each time you go to sleep, turn down the music completely or play soft and soothing music to lull you to sleep.

The effect is usually the same as that of lullabies. For other people, sleep comes better in a quiet environment and in such cases blocking out all forms of noise would be a better option. Another great way to induce sleep is by taking up a book and reading before going to sleep. A noteworthy fact is that this book has to be strictly hard copy. Your kindle or tab is not allowed. 

Things to avoid before sleep. Coffee. Your phone. Laptop. Kindle. These are things that will be actively fighting sleep and have the ability to keep you awake instead of getting some sleep. Coffee is a stimulant and its effects will keep you awake no doubt. The phone, the laptop and any other tech gadget emits bright light which kind of has a sparking effect on your brain cells keeping them ‘awake.’ It is scientifically proven that light has a ‘waking up effect' given exposure to sunlight in the morning readily gets one up and ready to go. So instead of using your phone as an alarm, use the traditional alarm clock to resist the temptation of checking your email or chatting when you are supposed to be asleep.
Intensive exercise or work. Sleep is a mode of rest for the body. The essence of intensive work out or work would be to give the body something to rest about. It is usually the joy of work out enthusiasts to be blissfully or delightfully tired at the end of the day. This happens to cause a more peaceful sleep and deep sleep which is exactly what the body needs. Hard work usually has the same effect. Keeping the body idle is sure to drive away sleep since at the end of the day, there will still be a bout of energy left for the body to feed off.

Sleeping environment. This has a lot to due with how peaceful the night will be. Cooler temperatures are better for sleep and it is usually advisable to keep the bedroom cool. Another thing is that the room should be dark. If there is external light emanating from the outside, install light blocking curtains to keep the room dark. Then have a perfectly good night sleep in readiness for the next day and its challenges.

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