Unknown Facts about Morbid Obesity

by Tony on Mar 6, 2017

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In the recent times, the morbid obesity rate is on a steep rise. Being overweight does not mean you are alone. Every year, lots of treatment procedure is performed for those suffering from obesity. Being Obesity means having too much body fat that not only affects your appearance but also affects how you feel about yourself.

Morbid Obesity
A severe form of obesity refers to morbid obesity in which an individual carry 100 or more pounds of weight or have more than 40 BMI, this form of obesity also known as grade 3 obesity. However, the range of BMI between 18.5- 25 is considered as healthy.

As per the published reports in recent times, the problem has grown over 40 percent, and it is estimated that increasing trend of being overweight makes obesity one of the main factors of leading death worldwide.

According to a survey:
* Over 65% of adults are obese* 32% of children are obese* 4.8% of adults are suffering from morbid obese* Annually around 352,000 deaths occur due to obesity* $75 billion was spent on the medical cost for obesity Causes of Morbid Obesity

Consuming a lot of is not just the reason for morbid obesity. As per the specialists, there are a few different variables, and one of them is the hereditary (genetic) factor that assumes a key part in compelling weight pick up. The rate of calories may differ as they rely on upon the metabolism rate.

When we consume, our body stores the calories that are important to devour for energy. On the off chance that these calories are not utilized appropriately, these are put away as fat in our body. What's more, when our body ceaselessly stores these fats, it brings about morbid obesity. Stress, tension, quit smoking and absence of sleep can prompt weight to pick up.

Unbelievable Facts about Morbid Obesity
When it comes to the morbid obesity, there are several shocking facts that you probably don't know. For instance, this form of obesity is highly expensive to most of the world's economies.

A kind of medical issue in which an individual carries extreme weight than normal BMI and thus put an unbelievable amount of strain on his body that can result in some serious health problems is Morbid Obesity.

Additionally, there is an endless list of diseases associated with the morbid obesity including respiratory abnormalities, cancers, arthritis, gastrointestinal, cardiac related diseases, and the list continues.......Extra weight put extra pressure on our body's organs and thus leads to related diseases.

The growing trend towards the obesity has to be tackled in two ways. Firstly it is necessary to educate people about the risk associated with the obesity and morbid obesity. However larger issues at global level need to be tackled by the powerful people. Initially, the food industry needs to be controlled. They are not allowed to spoil the masses in the name of profit and organization.

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