Balding Men Vs. The People: What They Think of Hair Transplants

by Ricky Martin on Apr 27, 2017

Preference of hair transplantation in men:

Preference of hair transplantation in men, although quite common, some men prefer not to use the process of hair transplantation for some or the other reason. This is because they prefer to have natural hair, and feel strongly that nothing can be a substitute. Therefore, it is difficult to convince them. Some people even have certain taboos associated with the process of hair transplantation, and believe that transplantation can be a repetitive process. The natural growth of hair in the recipient site is not commonly believed by some, as this remains to be a taboo in the Indian society. For such patients, you can never convince them that the process might have a positive outcome.


What can be the impacts of such social taboos?

Social taboos with hair transplantation remain to be one of the most common problems with Indian men. It has been observed that, a continuous loss of hair can lead towards baldness, but even then, people would not follow the instructions of a qualified trichologist in order to transplant hair. It is quite a common phenomenon that such a taboo can make people feel at odds with transplants. However, research studies emphasize that, such taboos are of no use, and such patients can be easily convinced through proper guidance as well as counseling.


How can a hair transplant change your personality?

Various research studies, when conducted on men and women losing hair, have observed that, with losing hair, personalities tend to change greatly. Hair loss which leads towards baldness can actually bring in a lot of change in the way how you look. Making public appearances for such people have been found to be difficult, and they keep themselves a bit isolated.

It has been seen that, people who have taken care of baldness, had been successful enough, in terms of facing people and have been observed to be much confident. Thus, as per observations made by experts, it is clear that, hair transplantation process can really make much of difference, if conducted within a certain period.



Hair Transplantation gives a more Natural Look

It is a common phenomenon that a head full of hair can really make a huge difference in case of people’s personality. Loss of hair which can lead towards baldness can have a serious impact on the personality of the patient, and may cause a low self-esteem. However, some people suffer from social taboos and would not like to go through the process. Thus, baldness becomes and part and parcel of their lives and they continue to suffer.



If you suffer from excessive hair loss and move towards baldness, please make sure that, you take proper precaution in order to improve such conditions. Research based professionals suggest that, you should immediately visit a proper clinic if possible, in order to address the problem of baldness. This will make experts assess their situation and give them proper suggestion as well. Hair transplantation processes are now very popular, and are available in most of the major metros as well as sub urban destinations.

Hair transplantation in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are getting increasingly popular. Men who wish for a younger look should not hesitate to visit the nearest hair clinic, therefore irrespective of the location in which he resides. A visit to a proper doctor can change your mind, and you can come out of social taboos as well.


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