Maintaining A Trim Figure

by Tony on Jan 8, 2016

The definition of trim is being neat in appearance and in excellent physical shape. A trim body has become more of an asset in this age of modeling and acting with the ambitious trying to achieve a desirable body. This has also grown elusive due to the lifestyle of most of these people. So if your goal is to maintain a trim figure or better yet to lose weight and get a trim figure, these will prove helpful. So maintaining a trim figure is a process that is purely about discipline and cultivation of certain culture. It might be challenging to change at first, but it is consistency that will make the process easier with time.

Track what you eat.
This is mainly about the food choices. What are you eating? How important will it be to your body? This process has to be practical and usually calls for honesty with oneself. Many a times, people claim some practices in public then shun them in private. You've got to be true to yourself to make this work. Being vegan in public and eating fries and burgers in private will only prove counterproductive to your goals. Eat healthily and keep away from too many calories to take care of that waistline.

Avoid stress.
I know. You are wondering what stress has to do with a trim figure. Studies have revealed that stress is actually a contributing factor to reckless eating and consequent obesity. This stress is usually brought about by people, work, situations and family. It is important that you avoid any kind of stressors that could trigger senseless cravings for ice cream and chips.

Many small meals instead of three big ones.
You've probably heard this before in the eating schedules of movie stars or athletes working out for a certain role. Two notable examples are Michael B Jordan while preparing for the movie ‘Creed’ and Dwayne Johnson for ‘Hercules.’ Small meals have been said to improve metabolism and the calorie- burning capacity of the body. This conditions the body to quickly metabolize food introduced to the body and enhance a natural calorie- burning process.

This is also known as fibre and is found in high fibre foods. Fibre has no function as a nutrient but aids in the digestion of food in the gut. It ensures smooth, slow and steady movement of food in the gut making sure there are short bursts of prolonged energy dispensed into the body and that nothing is produced in excess.

Working out.
This is fairly popular and sort of a no brained when it comes to keeping a trim figure. Exercise is required to burn excess calories and keep weight in check. Consistent workout can prove to be a great factor given a myriad of other benefits it offers such as stress relief.

Healthy snacking.
This point has been disconnected from the very first one due to the fact that snacking has grown to be a meal in its own right. Snacking is a habit that can no longer be ignored. We could just provide healthier options to make the process worthwhile. First, soft sugary drinks are a no no. When thirsty, grab a bottle of fresh sparkling water instead. Replacing junk snacks with fruits can also have immense benefits. So basically keeping a trim figure is all about lifestyle change. Take the step today and see the good it will bring.



Image credit: Rance Costa

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