Instant Happiness

by Tony on Oct 15, 2015


They say that people on the plus sizes are more often the craziest and the most fun people to be with. Maybe, that's true. It is most commonly associated to the person's individual personality. Rarely is it associated with the way they cope with the pressure of the society. The society often creates a standard by which a person is labeled as attractive, sexy and intelligent. Ha-ha… This is not even what this article is all about. 

I have this theory that people on the plus side are happier than skinny people because of the food they eat. Well not necessarily, but maybe just maybe, because they do not limit themselves to the food they want to eat. 

Any of us who have ever turned to junk food over a stretch of time came to realize it doesn't make us feel our best.

Whether our poison is salty potato chips or indulgent candy, cakes or other sugary desserts, we know it's not good for us physically. And we now know, too, that it's not good for us emotional and mental health either.

You know, there are foods that can instantly stimulate our happy neurons to make us happier. We may neglect it and we may not like it but in case you are feeling down, try these foods that will strangely make you happy instantly: natural and healthy.

1. Mussels:
Yum! For me, mussels are the perfect finger food. Not only is it easy to prepare, it can also be used in different recipes. Mussels contains great amount of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 also known as Cobalamin is known to boost energy and increase memory. More energy can also be parallel to more happiness.

2. Dark Chocolate:
Bless the chocolate manufacturers. Chocolates are known to be mood changers. They provide phenylethylalanine to counteract depression by combining to our natural dopamine. This amino acid tends to make people excited and euphoric. Notice that people who eat too much chocolate will eventually start jumping around smiling crazily. Too much of everything is dangerous. Don't get overloaded with the happy hormone or you will be regarded as crazy.

3. Yogurt:
Not only is yogurt good for our bones, it is also a good go for energy boosting. Calcium not only strengthens our bones, it also alerts the brain to release feel- good neurotransmitters. Add yogurt to your diet mixed with fruits and you're good to go.

4. Honey: 
Unlike simple table sugar, honey, is packed with beneficial compounds that keeps the brain healthy and keeps us from getting depressed. Try adding honey to your drink but don't go overboard. 

5. Eggs:
Eggs contain mood-promoting omega-3 fatty acids. It's protein content will also keep you energized and full long after you eat them.

6. Coconut:
Coconuts usually fuel better moods.

You received and pulled the ribbon on a Pandora’s box. You meditated on those previously hidden emotions. You wrote journals about today and wrote letters to yourself, meditated (and still do). You turned to yoga, made it a daily practice and harnessed your inner peace. But, don’t you feel happy?

If you’ve worked on the emotional and spiritual voids in your life and still feel sad and depressed, it’s possible there is a neurotransmitter imbalance. They say money can't buy you happiness. True but you can always buy chocolates and other stuff to keep you from getting sad. The simple things do matter.

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