Alopecia - its Causes, Symptoms and Treatments.

by Ricky Martin on May 17, 2017

Hair fall is a menacing problem for people after a certain age.  It has been observed that almost 60% of men living in the cities are having hair fall problem as they reach 40. There are various reasons behind it pollution being one such cause.

Not a very know term for common people Alopecia is causing serious threat to people.  It is defined as a condition where a person loses his hair which results in patches of baldness. In certain cases it may cause full baldness which is a sign of extreme embarrassment for people.  This kind of disease affects many people and the most amusing fact is that it is highly possible in young men.  According to research studies this particular diseases starts affecting people even before they reach 20.  Not only hair but it also affects the eye lashes. In case of women this particular disease gets affected in the later part of life.

The only solution to hair fall and such issues like Alopecia is hair transplant. This is the most advance technique that is used to bring back your good old hair. Hair transplant in Ludhiana is highly popular and the best clinics are all situated out there.  With good infrastructure the clinics have the best doctors who are expert in doing hair transplant.

Let’s come back to the moot point and that is Alopecia.  This thing can affect anyone at any age.  It will be wise to know some of the common symptoms of Alopecia.

  • The first sign is the bald patches that get noticeable.  The patches appear smaller like the size of a coin and then slowly it turns out to be big.  It usually comes in a round shape and can occur at any place in the scalp. This particular things may cause certain effects on the scalp like a little bit of swelling or the area may turn red etc. People should immediately consult a hair specialist if any sign of bald patches are noticed.
  • If not cured then the hair patches may grow bigger within a few months.
  • The nails sometimes get affected by becoming ridged or pitted.
  • There can be other patches even while the previous one gets through a re-growth.

It is very important to deal with the hair fall issue in a proper way. The situation may get worse if proper treatment is not done.  Alopecia is quite common in people and it should be treated in a proper way.

Alopecia can be of different types.  People may not know about all but there are variations in it. Some of the most common types of Alopecia are

  • Alopecia Areata- This happens when a person experience partial baldness.  The body immune system makes all the white blood cells and the antibodies to protect against all the foreign objects like bacteria and different other viruses.  The roots of the hair gets weaken which leads to hair fall.
  • Alopecia Totalis- It results in complete hair loss.  This has two different types.  One where things happen suddenly and the other where it takes places gradually.
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