What is causing your Hair to Fall Out?

by Ricky Martin on Mar 7, 2017

Hair loss is a common topic nowadays which requires a lot of discussion. Experts have identified several reasons of hair loss from human scalp. Such reasons although known to us are very often not within our control. Therefore, we need to take care of our internal metabolism and a nutritive diet. Excessive loss of hair can be caused from several factors which need to be taken care of. Discussed here are some of the reasons due to which there is less hair visible on your head.

Please note that, loss of hair can occur at any age, and most commonly occur in young aged adults. Hair loss is a common observation nowadays, and can happen irrespective of age, time and situations. However, medical experts have identified several factors, which can trigger early stage loss of hair. But one needs to be careful and should immediately redress the problem as early as possible. There are ample ways to combat hair loss. A proper diet and nutrition is the foremost curative. Besides, maintaining healthy scalp can actually help in reducing hair fall to a large extent



Physical Stress

Physical stress can be triggered due to excessive fatigue, severe and chronic illnesses, post –surgery and or an accident. Physical stresses can be severe, and can take a toll on your internal metabolic rate. Trauma or mental fatigue can also have a serious impact on your system. Leading to a special condition named as telogen effluvium, such physical stresses can have a serious impact on your scalp as such. Impacts of physical stress are considered to be temporary.


Emotional Stress

Emotional stress is a much dreaded condition however, when compared to physical stress. Severe trauma from an accident, untimely death in families, separation from loved ones, death of pets can serious take a toll on your emotional system. Such incidents play an important role in triggering unnatural loss of hair on the whole. Only solution for such an incident is hair transplant.



Lupus is an autoimmune disease as has been identified by medical experts. This is a dreaded condition as per observations related to loss of hair. Cells responsible for improving immunity attach healthy hair follicles. Under such an abnormal condition, significant volume of hair loss is triggered. Such a condition can cause a permanent scar on scalp. Changes in hairstyle can sometimes reverse the procedure. You are suggested for professional hair care regime, along with taking professional hair cuts on a regular basis in order to improve upon the same.



How to combat loss of hair:

Excessive loss of hair is a major challenge for most of the individuals. This is because excessive loss of hair can lead towards temporary or permanent baldness. As per observations of experts, it has been noted that combating loss of hair till a large extent, is very important. First and foremost is to control your diet and take an expert advice from a doctor. Please note that, excessive loss of hair is a dangerous warning signal for chronic diseases. As a matter of fact, thyroid is a common disease which can lead towards excessive loss of hair. Besides, loss of hair can be triggered through unhealthy external conditions as well. In addition, dry scalp may lead towards excessive loss of hair. Besides, dandruff can cause hair loss as well. Therefore, excessive hair loss as had been agreed by consultants might be triggered through any kind of internal and external conditions. It is very important that you maintain a healthy and hearty health condition in order to minimize the loss of hair.


Following are the methods of combating loss of hair:

  • Maintaining a healthy body and mind.
  • Reducing or minimizing stress
  • Having a proper and regular diet
  • Exercising daily
  • Keeping your scalp free of infections
  • Cleaning your scalp on a regular basis
  • Taking care of dandruff and dryness of scalp
  • Regular moisturizing and oiling of hair
  • Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation out of all the above factors refers to a permanent solution for loss of hair. It can trigger growth of healthy hair as well as get rid of baldness. With advances in hair transplantation technologies, this had become a popular service across India. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai Chennai, besides, Pune and Hyderabad are renowned for serving patients who’d like to undergo hair transplantation. Hair transplantation in Pune is understood to be one of the cheapest services available across India. However, you require expert advice in order to implement hair transplantation. Techniques of hair transplantation vary for individuals.  To know more about hair transplantation continues to follow our blogs and online postings thoroughly.


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