The relationship: Chicken skin disease and skin exfoliation

by Tony on Oct 17, 2016

For a layman, understating the relationship between a disorder and its best treatment option is like trying to mix water and paraffin. This is because the art and science between disorders and treatments are so complex and technical to be described in layman’s terms. But for the great affinity for beauty among the world’s population, this article is going to feature and explain the great link between skin exfoliation and Keratosis pilaris, also known as Chicken skin disease. According to several research reports, an approximated 40 percent of the world’s population (including both adults and youngsters) suffer from different degrees of chicken skin disease, with another 50 – 80 percent adolescents at a high risk of being diagnosed with this nonthreatening (benign) skin disorder due to genetic links or hair growth disorders.

As far as you are concerned, having Keratosis pilaris is one of the last things that anyone would wish to have. At its very basic, pilaris keratosis is scientifically described as the accumulation of protein keratin around or on top of hair follicles or pores on the skin that lead to enclosed caps on the pores. With the modern advancements in research, medics have been able to have some insight on the potential causes of keratosis pilaris, which include:

  1. Genetic factors.

For decades now, genetics is believed to play a key role in the occurrence of keratosis pilaris, with up to 50 present of the world’s population, especially women, inherently set to develop the lumpy bumps on several parts of the body’s skin. Therefore, it is important for every person to trace their family background on chicken skin disease, eczema or chronic dry skin, so that you can seek preventive measures early enough. Since keratosis pilaris has the ‘autosomal dominant’ inheritance pattern, there is only a 50% chance that a child will be affected. Besides, there is no link between keratin pilaris and acne.

  1. Poor diet and personal hygiene.

Being healthy means a lot when it comes to fighting and preventing keratosis pilaris. Generally speaking, unhealthy individuals face the risk of developing keratosis pilaris because when the immune system goes weak, the body tends to be inactive leading to build-up of waste products in the body such as keratin. Besides, a poor balance of taking fluids, vitamins and eating, as well as lack of exercise may lead to build up of keratin in the pores, hence causing chicken skin disease.

  1. Dry skin conditions (Eczema).

Several studies have revealed that if you have dry skin conditions you stand a chance of getting pilaris keratosis. This because the more dry your skin is, the higher the chances of getting chicken skin, hence you should always moisturize your body when you’re in dry and hot places. Moreover, chicken skin disease is related to rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, allergy towards gluten, ichthyosis vulgaris, and dry skin seasonal inhalant allergies, giving individuals with these condition a reason to seek out preventive measures.

And speaking of the best preventive measures and natural treatment options, skin exfoliation can never go unmentioned. Since our skin follows a strict thirty-day cycle that involvesthe cells leaving deeper tissues to the surface to form keratin, hence every individual programmed to naturally shed away old skin. And through the cells motion to the surface to produce keratin, skin experts were able to discover a great link between skin exfoliation and keratosis pilaris, which has been used since time immemorial to prevent and still cure many people from chicken skin disease. With consistent exfoliation helping to keep skin looking refreshed, moisturized and healthy, skin exfoliation has been deemed fit as the best keratosis pilaris natural treatment that can be used on keratosis pilaris face, among other parts of the body. Currently, exfoliating with Baiden Mitten helps natural cure chicken skin or pilaris keratosis, keratosis pilaris.

And for individuals searching on how to get rid of keratosis pilaris without forking out a lot of cash on different exfoliation products, exfoliation skin with coconut oil is the best way to go because it works well with any type of skin.

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