What Causes Your Weight Gain

by Tony on Mar 21, 2013


To be obese and overweight is an issue that have kept most folks from around the world conscious all night. People take one prescription or the other to lose weight but most of the time they fail to lose weight and sometimes when weight loss is achieved they relapse as soon as they disappeard.. Most of the time the unsolved problem is; people often ignore the root. The first step to achieving a sustainable weight loss is to know what causes your weight gain. When people know the cause of their weight gain it will be easier to choose which strategy will achieve a substantial and sustainable weight loss. Here are some of the possible factors that may cause weight gain.


Lack of physical activities:

When you take too much calories coupled with sedentary lifestyle without creating a way for physical activities like peform daily workouts at your home, visit to the Gym for some workouts to burn off stored fats. lack of these two may cause weight gain.


Your environment:

Your atmosphere can be a major hurdle to your weight loss. You may live in an atmosphere where you cannot stay away of taking too much calorie in a day and don't have access to the Gym centre or you may be in the midst of overweight persons that are not working towards weight loss.


Familial tendency:

Some people may be overweight due to genes inherited from the family. your genetics play a big role in your propensity to gain weight. Two people of different genes placed in the same medication may not lose body weight the same time. When you notice that you find it difficult shedding body fats like most of your siblings do then blame it the genes.

Illnesses and metabolic problems:

Some illness can affect your metabolism. People gain weight as a result of illnesses and metabolic rate. Diseases like Hypothyroidism can affect your metabolic rate thereby limit the way your body burns off stored fats. Depression can increase your appetite for food thereby increasing your daily intake.

Medicine intake: Some people may notice sudden weight gain in their body when using certain medication. Medicine intake can cause abnormal weight gain when you notice weight gain with your medication, consulting your health care provider will be the best step to take.


Your emotional sate:

Some people developed the habit to take solace in over feeding when they feel sad, depressed, stressed etc. even when they are not hungry this can cause weight gain.

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