4 Weightloss Myths

by Tony on Feb 8, 2013

Myths are Myths

For every person trying to lose weight the right way, there are scores of those wasting time & energy because of weight loss myths. Let’s take a look at, and debunk, 4 of these myths.

Myth #1: Snacking Sucks

Eating between meals has always been associated as a bad eating habit that leads to weight gain. The reality is that snacks can help you eat less; little snacking before a meal can keep you from overeating at the dining table. Needless to say, don’t over eat while snacking! In fact, by having healthy items like fruits and vegetables for snack you can speed up your weight loss.

Myth #2: Forget Fast Food

Fast food is the usual suspect when investigating a case of being overweight. The inference is that you have to give up fast food in order to lose weight. Not true. While you may have to ax the double cheeseburgers and sodas, completely shunning fast food is not required. Instead, look to the healthier side of fast food, like salad starters and grilled chicken.

Myth #3: Carbs! Culprits!

Like fast food, carbohydrates are also usually in the line of fire. However, all carbs are not bad. Instead of going on a carb-less diet, go for low-carbs. Fruits, vegetables, brown rice, whole grain breads, that’s what we’re talking about. Remember that your body needs carbs when you exercise to burn fat!

Myth #4: Eat + Exercise = Never Gain Weight

The reason why this myth misguides so many people is because it’s almost not a myth. The fact is that the combination of eating and exercise is the best assurance of weight loss. HOWEVER, it’s not that simple. In addition to eating and exercising, you will have to make many decisions that affect your lifestyle. You will have to account for many facts such as that your metabolism decreases with time. So don’t just eat & exercise, keep adapting your lifestyle to best suit your specific weight loss needs.

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