Self- weighing and tracking results can aid weight loss

by Tony on Jun 19, 2015


A recent study published in the Journal of Obesity refutes the previous study that taught that frequent  self-weighing on a daily basis and tracking the results of the progress made, may not be necessary for losing weight and keeping it off.

The study suggests that using the scale on a daily basis will make you to be more conscious  of your current body weight, make you choose what meal to eat and will strengthen other physical activities that will keep you fit all the time.

According to devid levisky, professor of nutrition and psychology  at cornell the method forces you to be aware of  the connection between your eating and your weight.

In the study, 162 adults participated and were separated into two groups,  a control group and an intervention group of which the groups were required to choose from any possible way/method to lose weight. they are to choose whether  to reduce the daily intake of meals, skip meals, avoid daily snacking etc. The main aim is to lose 10 percent of their body weight.

They are required to lose 1 percent of the body weight which requires the reduction of about 150 calories a day for two weeks and maintain the weight loss up to ten days after which another target to lose another one percent will be set. At the end of the study the participants were able to lose the required amount of body weight. Though, amongest the participants male participants lost more body weight than the female participants this was as a result of a reason that is not yet known.





image: Butz/ Flickr

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