Tips to control prostate cancer

by Tony on Sep 13, 2016

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Many men have knocked prostate cancer out. It does not even have to govern your life if you take preventive measures. Here are some significant steps to follow: 

Get your omega from fish

Omega 3, also known as fatty acids, is a potent prostate cancer-fighting weapon. Find large amounts of these healthy fats in mackerel, tuna, sardines, trout and salmon. Researchers from the University of California discovered that going on a low-fat diet and eating fish oil supplements reduces the risk of the Big Prostate C. 


Have soybean 

Soy contains isoflavone, a compound that has been clinically proven to limit this malady. According to the American Cancer Society(ACS), the Isoflavone in soybean, chickpeas, tofu, lentils, alfalfa sprouts and peanuts reduce its risk. 


Quit the smoking habit

The ACS verifies that men who smoked develop an aggressive form of prostate cancer. Further, those who quit smoking for more than ten years lived as long as those who never smoked.



Too much fat, especially in the middle of the body, has links with prostate illnesses. Aside from increasing your metabolism and increasing muscle mass, exercise makes prostate cancer history. 

The American Association for Cancer Research tested the surgical samples of men with prostate metastasis. They found that those who walked fast had fewer abnormally shaped blood cells than those who did so at a slow pace. 


Stock up on folate

A key to stopping the Big C, particularly Prostate C, is to stock up on folate.  Research shows that folate may cut the risk of colorectal and prostate cancer. 

Folate is present in the green vegetables and the orange juice you drink for breakfast. 


Replace unhealthy fats

Replace the unhealthy fats in butter with olive oil. Have nuts instead of cheese. Substitute sugar-filled candy with fruits. 


Try meal replacements

A lack of nutrition is a contributing factor for cancer. To make up for nutritional deficiencies, supplement a diet of real foods with meal replacements. 

Meal replacement shakes by Ideal Shape have 22 potent vitamins. One of these compounds, thiamine, puts an obstacle in the way of this illness. 


Natural  Ways to Prevent Prostate Cancer

From exercising to consuming real foods, there are endless natural ways for older men to fight prostate cancer. 


Vitamin D

Beat prostate cancer the natural way by soaking in the sun's golden rays. Research published in Mercola revealed that men who stocked up on Vitamin D were far less likely that those who did not to develop prostate cancer. Vitamin D is present in certain dairy products and vegetables, but the sun is its most potent source. 



This life-giving mineral combats a variety of cancers. Nutritionist James Howenstein discovered that male patients who took it had a 67% decrease in prostate cancer. You can find this compound, which makes a positive difference, in Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds. 


Green Tea

The Japanese have one of the longest lifespans on Earth, and it is no surprise why. They drink bottomless pots of Green Tea, which have endless antioxidants. Ongoing research suggests that the catechins in Green Tea prevented the illness 90% more efficiently than some medicines. 


Eliminating foods

Know what to remove from your diet if you want to stay free of prostate cancer. 

High- glycemic foods, such as refined carbohydrates and most grains, trigger cancer cell growth. Cut down on white pasta as well. 



Boron is a substance that protects the cell walls of plants and animals. 

Studies by Chris Eckhart show that it is a useful tool in the fight against prostate cancer. A 38% increase in Boron caused an 89% decrease in PSA levels. 

You will take in lots of this substance if you stock up on walnuts, chickpeas, avocados and broccoli. 

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