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Is Beard Transplant best option for me?
Article Summary: After hair transplant of the scalp now is the trend of growing beard. It’s in fashion to grow a beard. Actually, you can play with your looks if you have a good healthy beard, though maintaining and growing beard is a serious issue. With increasing health problem and hormonal imbalance, the beard quality tends to reduce, thus affecting the looks.
Where there is so much attention paid towards how one looks, then everything should be in certain poise. With the present lifestyles the men who are facing a hard time in having the fuller beard or who have the patchy and inconsistent beard all over face, they can opt for this wonderful treatment of beard hair transplant in Delhi to get that manly and robust look. A man is considered to be sexy if has nice hairstyle and a good beard though it may be trimmed.
For most men, hair is a sign of masculine, and losing hair for most men is equal to losing their masculinity. Nowadays the fashion of keeping the beard is fashion. But there are ...
Biotin for Hair Loss - Should You Try it?
Article Summary: Having healthy, shinier and thicker hair is the dream of millions of people. People are facing hair loss issues even at young age. It is important to get diagnosed to know the reason of the hair. There can be chances that you have to undergo hair transplant treatment to get rid of the hair loss problem. It is important to find a reputed and trusted and experienced doctor for hair transplant in Chennai.
Our skin, nails, and hair are made up of the protein called keratin and biotin (Vitamin B7 /Vitamin H /Coenzyme) improve the basic structure of the keratin, thus strengthens hair and nails. Our food contains the required biotin amount for our body. List of the food items that contain biotin
Improvise your Persona with Hair Transplant Surgery
Article Summary: Inventions and technologies have turned out to be a major part of life. These two things have made life simpler and dependable. Humans are highly aesthetical when it comes to beauty. And to be more precise, humans nowadays are quite well obsessed about how they look.  So, it is very evident that technologies and inventions are a vital part of life. This article will speak about how technology helps to enhance your aesthetics in form of adding up hair in from of hair transplant.
What is hair transplant?
Hair transplant can be said to be a surgical technique, which sends a hair follicle from a part of the body called the “donor site” to a bald or the one who is known as recipient. It can be regarded as a process which is meant to treat male pattern baldness. And during the invasion procedures, you can see that the hair follicles present as grafts at the end of the head are transplanted to the bald scalp.  This process is not only for head but also to ...
Alopecia - its Causes, Symptoms and Treatments.
Article Summary: Hair fall is a menacing problem for people after a certain age. It has been observed that almost 60% of men living in the cities are having hair fall problem as they reach 40. There are various reasons behind it pollution being one such cause.
Not a very know term for common people Alopecia is causing serious threat to people.  It is defined as a condition where a person loses his hair which results in patches of baldness. In certain cases it may cause full baldness which is a sign of extreme embarrassment for people.  This kind of disease affects many people and the most amusing fact is that it is highly possible in young men.  According to research studies this particular diseases starts affecting people even before they reach 20. Not only hair but it also affects the eye lashes. In case of women this particular disease gets affected in the later part of life.
The only solution to hair fall and such issues like Alopecia is hair transplant. This is the most ...
Balding Men Vs. The People: What They Think of Hair Transplants
Article Summary: Preference of hair transplantation in men:
Preference of hair transplantation in men, although quite common, some men prefer not to use the process of hair transplantation for some or the other reason. This is because they prefer to have natural hair, and feel strongly that nothing can be a substitute. Therefore, it is difficult to convince them. Some people even have certain taboos associated with the process of hair transplantation, and believe that transplantation can be a repetitive process. The natural growth of hair in the recipient site is not commonly believed by some, as this remains to be a taboo in the Indian society. For such patients, you can never convince them that the process might have a positive outcome.
What can be the impacts of such social taboos?
Social taboos with hair transplantation remain to be one of the most common problems with Indian men. It has been observed that, a continuous loss of hair can lead towards baldness, but even then, people would not ...
What is causing your Hair to Fall Out?
Article Summary: Hair loss is a common topic nowadays which requires a lot of discussion. Experts have identified several reasons of hair loss from human scalp. Such reasons although known to us are very often not within our control. Therefore, we need to take care of our internal metabolism and a nutritive diet. Excessive loss of hair can be caused from several factors which need to be taken care of. Discussed here are some of the reasons due to which there is less hair visible on your head.
Please note that, loss of hair can occur at any age, and most commonly occur in young aged adults. Hair loss is a common observation nowadays, and can happen irrespective of age, time and situations. However, medical experts have identified several factors, which can trigger early stage loss of hair. But one needs to be careful and should immediately redress the problem as early as possible. There are ample ways to combat hair loss. A proper diet and nutrition is the foremost curative. Besides, maintaining ...